Grade 6

New Brunswick



My home is a place Where I am safe and protected
I am free and can do what I want,I can go outside or relax in my bed but no matter whir I am I feel protected.
I have food and clean water I can do anything.
I can shoot soccer balls in my back yard and no one will see me miss the net. But I never do.
Boom the sound of my soccer ball hit the back of the net as I wipe the sweat off my face I shoot again
Still not good enough I’ll test myself against a person I think to myself.
I sprint to my friends house BANG BANG BANG I knock on the door, hi Drashtant answers want to go to my house to play soccer I ask ok he replies we sprint down the bumpy road to my house and we slide into my back yard
We start first goal by me and a come back by Drashtant back and forth we go until 9-9 we go to penalties.

Drashtant takes the first shot BANG the shot zips down the grass I look and dive I reach out and thud the
Ball hits my glove and i take my shot now I run up to the ball with all my speed I eye the net and PING my shot hits the post and slowly rolls in yes I cry in relief 1-0 in penalties Drashtant runs up shoots and
Misses luckily so I shoot again but this time I hit it top shelf top left corner Drashtant shoots again burying it if I get this in I win I think to myself I run and FLING the ball at the net and it goes right OVER THE NET I scream in anger and I think to myself I am good enough Drashtant shoots again
ZING it’s a knuckle ball going every where I hold my ground and dive just stopping the ball at my feet
Now I shoot again I run up and FWING I rip the ball at the net thunk the ball hit the top corner I’ve been practicing for the last month yes I scream flailing my arms in all directions got to go Drashtant says by I reply.
A day passes I go back outside I grab my soccer ball and rush to my net I put down my ball and shoot just as my sister runs in the back yard with her doll and I hit the doll ops I say as the ball bounced off the doll in her face sorry I say apologetically my sister goes and punches me awwww I shriek why did you do that I ask she said you hurt my dolly she complains as my nose starts to bleed so I go inside and I start throwing a ball against the wall with a trump picture on it I almost hit his face as my mom walked in my room and handed me an ice pack get some rest she whispers to me and I drift off into a deep sleep.

Home is a place where I am free and can do what. I am loved,
And am allowed to do anything. I can play with my friends. I can go in the woods
And I can shoot soccer balls at my net and no one will see me miss the ne but I never do.