Grade 5



Home is NOT a House. Here’s the difference.
If you have a house, it’s just a place. But if you have a home, you really should feel safe.
Safe and secure, cozy and warm; you have a room that’s protected from harm.
A bed from a house is just a bed, nothing to it. And that makes me soo, soo red.
A house is drywall, nails and shingles, paint, windows and glue. But a home is really, a dream come true.
A home is so incredible and you’ll have so many memories there! Your birthday, Christmas, nothing can compare.
A home is where you start to crawl. And when you learn to walk, you sometimes trip and fall.
A home is just so much fun! You can tire yourself out all day and then you’re just done. Sleepy, tired, as you get ready for bed because tomorrow will be even greater, they all said.
So, as you fall asleep you think to yourself, this home is wonderful and great. But I have to wait. Wait for the next light of day when everything is slow, and then there you go. You are off in dreamland dreaming in your brain. Dreams that no one can explain.
A home is SO amazing, fun and exciting! It’s really incredible. In your brain you think of everything you did and that’s why my friend, I started writing. And that is the difference of a house and a home. It’s a place to be shown.