Grade 5



A home is a place no one can compare
Whether it’s short, tall, lean, or fair
A house is a building that stands big and bold
But soon it’s not worth any gold
And no one will buy it, it’s stuck to the ground
We need to help them, not just be bound
To Tablets and iPads and all that stuff now
We need to help them, but help them how
Because while we are sitting satisfied in our homes
There are people who are looking, and they start to roam
Searching for a home, they look up and down
Until finally they come across a little town
Where you and me come to help them
And we might get paid a little gem
Now we know how we can help them too
It’s not just for them, it’s for me and for you
And when you go home, say to your mom
“I’m thankful for our home” and she’ll say

“Your welcome”