Grade 6

New Brunswick


“Hurry up Madi” my best friend called from across the hall. “We want to get a good seat she yelled again “. “ I know I’m coming” I replied while I skipped through the heavy doors of my school. I raced to my big bus that I ride almost every single day just to get a good seat. While I sit on my usual bus I lay back in my seat thinking of getting home. I also think about rushing through the big white door of my house and sinking into my double sized bed like jello! It was Friday, one of the longest days of the week and I couldn’t wait to get home! I wanted to get home grab a snack, see my small but tough dog, and plunge into my bed and relax I just couldn’t wait. While I Wait and sit on the long bus I think of all the things I love so much about my home! The air conditioning, the food, my bed, but most of all my family.
My home isn’t always perfect, no home is, but homes are different for everyone, but this is what home is to me! For example home to me is a place where I’m loved, a place where I can be myself , and last but not least a place where you don’t have to be judged and just live but sometimes it’s not always like that , sometimes it’s where there are tears, pain and not only good but bad memories too. Home is not always what it seems and that’s what people don’t know. People are very lucky to have a roof over their head even though some people don’t appreciate that I do.
Home is a place that some people don’t have. Not all people know that do you? But home is a place where you are with your loved ones. Did you once look around and see all the unhappy people in the world? Did you once do something nice for one of those people? For example most people in the world wouldn’t but would you?
If you are reading it means you have a chance! A chance to do something nice for a change! That change can be to help get someone a home! Please think about the things you did today. Did you do anything nice? Did you help anyone out? If you didn’t you can still help someone out! After all that’s certainly what I would do in my home because in my home we help each other out what about you? At my home we can definitely count on each other and as a matter of fact we can also trust, love and support and that’s why it’s always important to make good choices, and do the right thing!
This essay means a lot to me because home is a very special thing to me, it’s where I have lots of amazing memories, lots of amazing people and most of all a fantastic family! That’s just what I wanted to say because I really appreciate my home. Also home is an amazing place because it’s where I grew up and I am very happy to say that I have a home are you?