Grade 6




Home, just 4 letters that could mean so much. Some people might think about a mansion with a pool. Some might think of a house that has some things that are special to them. Some people might think of spots next to the road. Everyone thinks of something different. Even the smallest things could make you think of home. But take a moment to think what does “Home” mean to you? Just take 1 moment of your time and think.

When someone says “Home” I think of my family, food, game. Even playing video games online with my friends makes me think of home. A lot of people probably think of the same thing except as similar as it might be my home is very different than yours. My home probably is similar, we might both have a kitchen, a bed, a, basement a lot of similar things but it’s still different. My house is special to me because it has things that I like such as my iPad, my bed my room my mom’s food, my family, all the different furniture in my house and a lot of other things which makes it home, to me. Everyone will think of something different because not any two people have the same meaning of home the same way that no two snowflakes are the same as each other you matter how similar they are.

That is what home means to me. It’s just 4 letters but everyone thinks of something different whether it’s the location, what you’re family’s personality is, or even just who you share your home with could make it home to you. However, you matter how different are homes might be their is still one thing in common. We all live at our home.