Grade 6

New Brunswick



“ We’re home” I exclaimed as I ran up to the door! I took out my key and unlocked

the door “CLICK” the door went. I opened the door and heard my dog barking. I put my

book bag down. I then let the dog out, and sat down. I heard my birds chirping, I turned on

the tv and turned the fish tank lights on and I watched tv for a while.

Then my parents and my brother came in the door. My mom turned the oven on while my

dad goes outside and checks the garden. I play with my dog and my brother plays xbox. “The

blue sky is beautiful” I exclaimed!

My dog played with the neighbors dog, Quinn. We munch on our delicious supper.

After that we go clean my bird cage. My birds are named Pete and Jane. They are

parakeets. As we scrub the bird cage they chirp. After that my Mom tucks me into bed. In

The morning I tiredly get in the shower and eat breakfast, then go to school.

I wish everyone had a home. Home is the best place to be! When I’m at home I feel

great. Everyone is nice at home. Home is home, and home is great!

Habitat for humanity helps give people homes! That is great,some people only live in boxes.

That is horrible! Someday I hope everyone has a home some day. That is why I’m writing this!