Grade 6



I have a home like some of you, but not every single person in the world has a home. I am very lucky, because I have a beautiful home. The meaning of home is all about love, memories, family, life, celebration, feeling safe and feeling happiness in your heart. If you think a home is a place with lots of rooms, a kitchen, a basement, a garage and a living room, you are wrong. That’s not a home that is a house.

A rich business woman had a son. One day the mother got in to an accident. She went into a coma and the doctor told her son that she probably wouldn’t survive.
While his mom was in the coma he couldn’t concentrate on his business and his house. A few months later he couldn’t manage to pay his house mortgage and utility bills therefore, he had to leave his beautiful house. His home was empty. There was no love in it, because his mom was away in coma. Finally, the bank took his house. Then he found out about a place called Habitat for Humanity. They built a house for him.

Six months later his mom woke up from her coma. Everybody was shocked including the doctor. The son was so much happy and he believed it was a miracle. Finally, the mother and son started to live in the house that Habitat for Humanity built for them. That house was a happy home, even though they lost their business, their home is full of love and happiness, memories and much more. The End.