Grade 6



A “home” is one of the most important places in someones life, everybody has different reasons why it’s important and mine are family, happiness, and peace.

My family is important because I love them very much and they helped raise me. My mom helps give me the basic needs in life, my dad teaches me new things each day, and my sister plays, loves, and laughs with me.

When I go home I feel happy and safe to be at the place I love very much. I am happy when I play with my sister at home and being with my mom and dad makes me smile. I always love to be happy at my amazing home.

I always feel relaxed when I’m at my home because I’m always happy there. I’m free at my home and it’s peaceful there so I can just relax when I feel like I need to.

That’s why home is so important to me, my family, my happiness, and my peace. I can always feel happy and relaxed to be with my family, and these reasons are very important to me. And everybody knows “home is where the heart is.”