Grade 6



The Meaning of Home
By: Madeleine Jelic

People say home is where the heart is.
If you don’t have a home you’re homeless.
But I know home is a place you carry in your heart.
Because if home is where the heart is, too many hearts will get broken.
Or taken away.
So if we carry our home in our hearts, they stay preserved.
Like ancient items in a museum.
Because home is not just furniture.
Home is not just a place to forget about homework late at night.
Not just a place to dance around your bedroom.
Home is a place you know.
It goes through your head like your old favourite song.
Home is a place where dreams can shout.
I can hear other people’s dreams outside my window.
Less fortunate people.
People who kept their hearts in their homes.
And lost them.
Their dreams are loud shouts. They are telling a story.
The dreams I hear are brave.
But I wouldn’t dare let my dreams out.
They are too young to be out on their own.
Instead, I think about everything I love.
My guitar. My dog. My home.
Funny how that word always pops up.
It’s programmed inside of me.
Because I’m lucky.
The people I see on the streets holding coffee cups with a few coins inside.
With sad eyes and stories.
And dreams that are bursting to get out.
I want to help those people.
I want to let out my dream.
But it is still young and fragile.
So I turn to Habitat and Humanity.
They will help my dream grow.
They will help turn a house into a home for people with nothing.
They will help dreams get out.
They will make sure they keep the home inside the heart.
So you can carry it wherever you go.