Grade 6

New Brunswick


I’m going through a airport in Toronto to finally get to my hometown, Fredericton. Once I got on to the plane I thought to myself as the engines roar on the white plane. My parents are to the right of me as we are going back on the firm ground. We rush together as we go through the microscopic airport and get into the yellow and black taxi. Me and my family finally get to our destination and settled in front of us is a substantial structure I usually call home.
Home…home to me is somewhere I am protected from the dangers the world throws at me. It is a place which has everything I admire. As well I am always comfortable in my covers at my home. In addition nobody will bully me nor judge me for what I do. Somewhere I can kick back, relax and have a awesome time.I truly enjoy my home mainly because I have my family.
First of all why can’t everybody have a home? People have an upset life just because they don’t have a home, so why can’t everyone have a them? But there are people in the world who don’t have the best time of their lives in their homes. But the main thing we have to change is when you might think that when you spot someone homeless you think that they are something else. But still, they are humans. We need to help eachother out!
Imagine you don’t have a home. Staying outside in a cardboard box or the streets. Just imagine you freezing in the winter or you are burning in the summer. Never have any type of fun. Always begging for money. I bet you wouldn’t like have that kind of life. Even if you don’t like your home just be satisfied you’re not living in a box on the streets.
Some people have a fine life in their homes. But some don’t and I get it that you are very upset. The main goal for me is to influence people to help. Which leads me to one more thing. If you see someone homeless and you’re ignoring them that needs to stop. I bet if all of us give a helping hand everyone will have a home, perhaps one day.