Grade 6



home means to me that i have my friends and family that i can play with, i can do what ever i want when ever i want and i dont fell controlled, i have free timethen like when im at school and im rushed. i like home because i have all my friends and family and i get to spend real time with them. unlike when im at school and i have to work and listen just so i can get a good grade.s9o at home i can play with my friends for as long as i want and i dont have to do work.i also like home because i dont feel controlled .but when im at home i feel like i can do what ever i want. so i can play video games and break rules without getting in trouble. and for my finale reason why i like home is because i get free time when ever i desire it and i dont feel like im slacking off when im supposed to be doing work and in my free time i dont have to worry about those those are the reasons i like home.

by Peter Jabra