Grade 6



Our home to me means that we are safe and know that we are loved. We can always trust our parents to keep the house but we have to keep it clean for our parents. Home is a place that is where my parents are. when our parents get a house we know that we are loved and that we are safe. Some people don’t have homes so if we get a house you should love it and take care of it. Both our parents and us have responsibilities when it comes to having a home. Our parents need to work to get money so that we can have heating, AC, our property and taxes. We also have jobs when it come to having a home we need to clean up after ourselves and not destroy our property. When my family leaves to go somewhere if that is a hotel or a new home that means that the place we are going to is our home. Our family is the reason we have a home. That are my reasons for what home means to me