Grade 6

New Brunswick


Dominic Allen


Mrs. Piron

November 4. 2016


“Ha!” I say at my friend’s house. “These cat videos are so hilarious.” “Ding Dong.” I hear coming from upstairs. I just hope it’s not m… “ your mom’s here.” “Noooooo!” I think walking up the stairs. I really don’t want to leave but I have too. “Wait Dom” my friend says. “Want to play some online games after.” I think for a second then I say “sure.” So I go hop in the car and play on my phone. Once I get home the dog is freaking out and my little brother goes “YOUR HOME!” And then he jumps right on me. I try to get off me but I can’t. So I just yell at him saying “GET OFF ME OR ILL TAKE ALL YOUR MONEY!” So he jumps off me freaking out. I guess he doesn’t want me taking his money. I go hop on to the couch. I grab my phone. My Dad passes me hot chocolate. “Thanks.” I say turning on roblox. I get all comfy. Then start gaming. Of course my little brother is still freaking out.

Home, Home is a safe place to be with your friends and family. Home, a place with comfort and warmth. Home, A place with food in the fridge and a nice place to sleep. Home, a place of love and care. Home is a place to express your feelings and not be judged. Home, A beautiful place to relive stress. Home, A place that has lots of good memories and lots of bad ones. Home.

When I think of friends and family, I think home. So sometimes I think everybody has a home. Well I thought wrong. In fact, over 235000 people a year in Canada are homeless. So Lots of people don’t have homes but I think they should. It just fells wrong whenever I see a homeless person laying on the street. I feel sad. So I give them some change. Because there humans to. If you think there just wild animals then you’re wrong. I hope all homeless people have a home someday. I just find it really sad.

Just imagine, you don’t have to but just imagine a day when you’re homeless. You don’t have a bed or even a home to sleep in. No nice warm food to eat. Not even your favorite flavor of ice cream. You have no money and lost your family. you just sit on a sidewalk all day asking for change. Nothing to do but just sit there, if you’re lucky you might even have a cardboard box. But no blankets, no heaters and no phones. Whenever I see someone homeless, I feel bad for them. I just want everybody to have a home. I also wish I could give them all a million dollars.

In conclusion, I believe that all homeless people should have a home. The reason why is because I want them to have a family, food, warmth and comfort and that’s the easiest way to do that. Homelessness should stop. Will you help the homeless?