Grade 5



My home is where I make my mark
It was where my life did start
It’s where my family loves me with all their heart
Everyone in my family has a special part
For some people this is very different,
Things in their lives are not magnificent.
Things in the world are not fair sometimes,
Some people sit in the rain without even a dime
Some people come home to a place that’s their own,
While others are longing for a place to call home
Some have a home, but prefer to roam
But I would never give up my home
I like to come home to a place that is warm
Especially when there’s bad rain or a big storm
I like having a place where I can be me
A place to be safe a place to be free
I think this world would be just fine
If everyone had a home like mine
It could be made out of bricks, wood or sticks
Just as long as there’s love in the mix.