Grade 5



I walk home back from my bus stop. I slam the front door open. I kick of my shoes, trudge up the stairs, and flop down on my soft, comfy bed. It was the end of another boring school day. As soon as I plop down onto my bed, and relaxing sensation spreads all throughout me, from the tips of my toes, to the ends of my fingers. Home at last. As I lay in bed, I allow my mind to wander…
How lucky I am to be laying here, in a nice, warm, comfy bed, while at least 300,000 other kids in the world are sitting on the streets right now, longing for at least a piece of bread, their first meal in maybe days. And here I am, well fed, comfy, and cared for, but still not happy. Then, suddenly, a thought struck me. I had never thought this particular thought before. All you need is a home, where are cared for, loved, well fed, where you feel happy, and where there is always someone you trust. This thought struck me so suddenly, I sat bolt upright in my bed. I don’t know why that thought struck me at that particular moment, or why that thought came to me at all. But somehow, I knew I needed to do something. Right at that moment, thousands of kids were suffering from starvation, as I lay here in my bed, being ungrateful for all the things I already had. Now, 7 years later, I have an organization called Habitats for Humanity, which builds homes for people who are more unfortunate than us, and don’t have one already. When I am there, I only have 1 thought in my mind. Everyone needs a home, where they feel safe, happy, welcome, loved, and cared for.