Grade 6



As I awake cold and wet in a dark cold alleyway I look at my 2 daughters and shivering helplessly we are all resting our heads on hard concrete with cheap blankets we spared 10$ out of other people’s wallets.

I awake warm in my bed I jump out grabbing my breakfast. When i finish I jump on my couch and watch some TV after a while i get bored. Tomorrow is christmas every year my family gives away the same amount of gifts that we got. We don’t give toys,books or anything like that we give blankets, close, a home yes a home each year we save up our money just for this cause we chose one lucky person and a person who is in need the most we save up to buy a small comfy town house. we also get them a job to help them pay For food and other stuff.

Today was our lucky day. Just as we knew for sure we were going to get frostbite a man came up to us and said in a warming friendly voice ‘’hey um i know you don’t know me you you won something good you won a HOME’’ My heart stopped nothing came out of my mouth. I could not accept it as I told myself then I looked behind me at my 2 daughters smiling at this friendly stranger. All I wanted my whole life was the best for my children so I accepted it. And here I am in this town house on my computer typing this.