Grade 6

New Brunswick


“Aaaahhhh”the sound of birds that’s what wake me up in the morning.But this time it my MOM noooooooooooooooooo!And she says “wake up”
“Aaaaaaaa no its school day noooooooooo!” I say to myself .(I talk to myself DEAL WITH IT OK).”Ah well time to go back to school!”I brush my teeth I wash my face I get dressed eat and go to school.

Walking home from a hard day in school while my mom is cooking a fresh good tasting food for supper. I’m also thinking what I’m going to do when I get home and the boring homework I have to do when I get home . I also have to studying and all they takes about 2 hours. But I shouldn’t complain there are fun thing to do. Like playing it’s cozy and loving.

I love my home but some people don’t have a home. That’s bed because they are cold and hungry. But we do and you should be really thankful . Hopefully everyone will have a place they can call home some day . And that’s why I am writing this!

Home is a place you can relax, be yourself. Ware everyone loves you (I hope). It’s the best place in the world. It’s also where you celebrate christmas thanksgiving and more. It’s where you can be anyone and anywhere.

That’s why everyone should have a home! You and me are lucky to have a home. I wish that everyone had a home. I hope that this helped someone!