Grade 6




Hello my name is Jillian Mahoney and I’m going to tell you two perspectives on homes.

Hi I’m Brittney I’m 11 years . I live in a big house in Toronto with electricity,clean food and clean water. A home means family who will buy you an I Pad and turn on the TV for you. It also means helping someone who you see is hurt and then you say “are you ok?” and then walk away without helping the person. I am helping to build a home by letting my mom cut down a forest to useless trees to build the biggest tower in Toronto. I am serving the world by when I see garbage I don’t do anything I just walk right past it.

Here is another perspective on a home.

Hi my name is Hayley. I’m 11 years old and I live in a dusty valley in Toronto. I eat 3 times a week and I drink polluted water. A home means a safe place to spend time with family and friends. It also means to be happy and laugh with each other and to be loved. I am helping to build a home by putting others before myself, working hard for my family and not throwing garbage on the ground. thank you.

Those are two perspectives on homes A lot of people don’t have a home like Hayley. Hayley deserves a home. She deserves a home because she is kind to others and is helping the world. I hope someday people like Hayley get a home. and that is why I’m helping with habitat for humanity and give homes to family’s in need.