Grade 5

Nova Scotia


Home is where people care
Home is where people share
At home people come and go
At home people are welcome
Home is the place where you sleep
Home is the place where you eat
Home is the place where you don’t have to knock on the door
Home is a place of memories and a place where you succeed
Home can be a place where you live or a place where you moved from
Home could be a house or a pile of boxes
Home is where wounds heal
Home is that place of happiness
Home is probably the only place you’re in every day
Home is where your heart is
Home is where your creativity lies
Home stands for joy and a successful life
At home you make mistakes and you learn from them
Your home could be almost anything
Home is where you can express your ideas fully
Home is a place where you invite your friends
Home is where you can chill in your room
At home you may have siblings or just a mom and dad
At home you can have fun
Homes can be big or small
Home is where you come after a hard day
All in all home is just home