Grade 5



A home to me is a place where you feel welcomed, safe and loved. A place where you are protected from the outdoor world, where you are safe from all the types of weather, where bully’s can’t get to you. Home is where you’ll make the most important memories, like when you first leaned to walk or talk all those heart warming moments.
The definition home to me doesn’t have to be your house, a home can also be like a school or a friend’s house, because you can feel loved and welcomed by teachers and/or the friend’s parents, but you can also feel safe in the building your in.
A home is where you’ll learn about life. Where you’ll spend most of your time with the people you appreciate and love the most, where you will laugh, cry and grow together as a family. A home is a place that tells it’s own story, by looking at a house you might see dark and scary well there is probably a story behind it and why it is like that.
A home is basically a place where you learn, grow and laugh, cry, get mad and have fun with your family and friends. That is what a home is to me!