Grade 6

New Brunswick


Kaelem Parent
November 4, 2016
“Bling Bling” well that’s my alarm. I just really want to stay home. Because home is better for example at school it’s not that safe as home. At home it’s peaceful and there are fun times and school is just seat in a chair.

Sometimes I’m lazy so I don’t want to go to school I just want to stay in my warm bed. However I have to go to school so I’m going to get out of my warm bed take a nice warm shower, get dressed and get something to eat for instance a banana. Ill also get everything for school even thought I don’t want to but there’s one problem where’s my bag. I looked all around the house but then it just hit me my sister did a prank on me. So I grabbed my bag from her then I sprinted to the car and sat down and then went to school YAY! I’m so happy not.

Well I guess I’m off to school but thank god today is the Terry Fox walk that mean we miss some classes. That would take up are boring day. So all we did was do math, L.A and French pretty much all we did.

Then I walked home but when I was walking “puff” I had no school for five days. “What but that just means I can do whatever I want for five days” YAY! I said. I hoped around and doing a dance I was so excited for no school.

But then I was like what does that mean that we will have more stuff to do at school because we have a five day weekend coming up. I don’t really care right now about that but what I said was “hopefully there’s not that much stuff to do at school. So I went to go to my bed similarly like I do a lot but then I forgot I have homework. So I got up went to my bag and got my homework. It was just easy math so therefore I just finished it in like 10 minutes. Then I just went back to my bed tell my mom or my dad came home from work.