Grade 4



Home is a place that I am free to do what I want like play video games and sit on the couch where it is comfortable. I would rather be at home than at hectic school. Home is my favourite place.

Home is where I am free to do whatever I want. I like to jump on the couch when I play video games. Home is a place where I can be noisy and loud. Home is where I can play with the heater to change the temperature. I enjoy living at my home.

Home is where I play video games. I feel happy when I play video games. My room is my own world and playing video games in my room make me excited when I complete a mission. Video games let me be different characters. Playing video games at home is my happy place.

Home is cozy. Home is where I can sit on the couch and no one will yell at me. By bed is comfortable with lots of pillows and blankets to help me sleep. Home is where I wrap myself in blankets and play my video games. My home is a comfortable place.

I like my home more than the street. I would rather be playing video games, doing what I want and being comfortable than living without a home. I feel bad for people who don’t have a home. I hope my essay helps the people who don’t have homes in Canada.