Grade 5



Home is my favorite place on earth. It is where love, safety and a caring family and friends are to greet me while coming home. It’s the place where lessons are taught.

Home is where I learn important lessons. It’s a place where I learned to tie my shoes and read books. It’s a place where my brother teaches me how to cook. Home is where I learned to ride a horse. Home is where I learned to be me.

At home I feel safe and cozy with my family. When I walk in the door I feel loved. My family is always there to say hello and my pets greet me at the door. In my room I’m surrounded with comfort. My horses are there to play with and my bed is cozy. Home is my wonder land of coziness.

Home is where family and friends gather. It`s a place where family and friends gather for celebrations like birthdays. Family gathers when sad things come along. Friends gather when happy things come along. Home is where family and friends gather to support each other.

Home is so much more than a place made of screws and wood, it’s a place of safety, love, family and friends. My home is where I learned lots of important lessons and where I learned to be me. Every night I think about what it would be like to be without a home. If I didn`t have a home I wouldn`t be as happy as I am today.