Grade 4



My home is so much more than wood and boards. My home is where I will always be with my family, it’s where I feel most safe and welcome and where I learned to be me. Home is just my cup of tea.

I think home is where you are always with the one’s you love like family and friends. Your family will make a house a home with their love, comfort and support. My home is where my dad, mom, brothers and pets are always there to greet me or snuggle up to me. Dad is there to teach lessons, mom is always there to make meals and do girl stuff with me, my brothers can always be counted on to be annoying and my cat and dog will always be there to cuddle. My home would not be my home without my family.

My home is where I have my own space just to be me. My space is in my basement behind a coach under a shelf with a cozy blanket and pillow with a good book. I think that everyone should have a space where they are always allowed to go and have fun. Your space should be where you are able to be creative, express your ideas and be yourself. You should always have somewhere to go when you’re sad, mad or super happy, you should always have your own space.

Home is where I feel most safe and welcome with my family. I feel safe with my family because they will always be there to protect me. My family makes my home welcoming because my mom is there to greet me at the door and my dad always comes home with hugs for all. Home is where I feel most welcome and safe at the same time because that is where my family will always be.

Home is so much more than a shelter. My home wraps me in a blanket of love and warmth. Home is where I learned that family is the best thing ever, where you have your own space and it’s the most welcoming yet safe place. It breaks my heart that there are so many people around the world with no homes so that is why my whole class and I are entering the Habitat for Humanity contest to help people around Canada get homes. I hope that this essay helps you get a home .