Grade 6

New Brunswick


Spencer Moore
Mrs. Piron/LA
November 4
My Home
“Ringggg!” That’s the sound of the bell signifying the end of a school day. I jump to my feet and rip my stuff out of the desk, being careful not to break it. I dash to my locker and shove it all in “clunk.” Next thing I know I’m outside and then in the bus. The bus starts driving and I start chatting. Once the bus stops at my stop I shoot out and race down the road to my house. I walk in the door “ahhh” I’m finally home. I take a snack, my sister is watching TV. I grab my head phones, get on the soft couch beside her and relax. I’m so glad to be home.
My home is a place where I feel safe. At my home there are people who care for me (family, friends and my babysitter.) There is good food (breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks.) There are good places to rest (my bed and the couch.) Another good thing about my home is that it’s a place where I’m welcome no matter what. At my house I have a pool, which is a good place for my whole family to interact in the summer. My home is the perfect place to be after a long stressful day at school. My home is phenomenal and the best place to live for me. My home has everything I need and mostly everything I want.
That’s what home is like for me safe, fun, wonderful and cheerful. However the topic of the homeless is so sad, how many people are homeless. I don’t think I could stand it. Coming home with no food in your stomach. At night you would be so cold. Can you imagine? How do you think the homeless feel? I mean they can only eat a few times a day if they’re lucky. Plus all their clothes would be dirty. I really think everyone should pay more attention to the homeless. The worst thing for me would be only eating so much every day. Have you ever really thought about it? I would die!
I’m so glad to have helped animals by giving them a home. For example, my two cats. One of them is named Winnie, she is 11 years old. The other is named ButterScotch he is 4 years old. I got ButterScotch from one of my mom’s friends. I got ButterScotch from someone who works at the hospital (which is where my parents work.) Another example is in Prince Edward Islands, where my sister and I found a caterpillar on the beach. We took it home and took care of it for several days. When we left we released him. I was so sad but glad to have saved that caterpillar.
As I mentioned before it’s so sad how many people are homeless. The best feeling you can get is the feeling you get when you help animals or the homeless. The best way to help is to either donate (homeless) or give them a home (animals.) At least that’s what I think is the best way to help. What do you think is the best way to help?