Grade 5

British Columbia


Home is a place you cherish forever. My home can be anything; a car, a palace, or even a hole in the grown. It wouldn’t matter as long as my family is with me.

My parents are always there, whether it’s me or my sister, my grandparents or my exchange student.

My dog and guinea pig are very sweet. I love playing with them. I like snuggling and holding them, and petting my dog too.

I feel the most safe when my parents hold me in their arms. I feel the most safe when my dad keep s telling me that he would never let anything happen to my family.

So what if we have ups and downs? I love them for who they are. Yes we might fight and yes we might hurt one another, but that’s not going to matter because I love them so much.

What I love doing is simple. I love reading lots of books. I love spending time together and playing board games together. I love playing dolls with my sister. My sister and I share a room. At first I wanted my own room back, but now I might still do, but at least I see the joy in it. The main point is that my home is my home and I love it the way it is, and no one that from me. My home is special in every way, even if I only live in half a house. I love my home so much.