Grade 6

Niagara Falls


Home for humanity

Home is a place that everyone has to have! It is a place where you can be yourself. A place where you are accepted for who you are.

Home is where you laugh and smile. You make endless amount of memories at home. Although some of these memories are small, they last forever. Like the time I squirted orange juice out of my eyes. That memory will never fade away. Sometimes, the normal things you do have something that you won’t ever forget. Let everyone have these memories! Everyone deserves them.

You can share everything and not be afraid at home. You don’t have criticism in your family because you’re in this together. You understand your family more than anyone else. At home you trust your family all the time. You all faith in each other at home. Whether you are feeling happy or sad home is the best answer.

Last, but not least home is extraordinary. Each home has a twist in it. Everyone has different perspectives and interests. Every family has a different way of doing things. That’s okay. Each home should be different. Same is boring. Most importantly, home is SAFE!