Grade 5

British Columbia



My parents bought our three years ago. My mum invited a First Nations elder to come and bless our house before we moved in. The elder’s name was Trudy. She brought a little wooden bowl with sweet grass and some little black seeds. Then she bured it all and waved the smoke in all the corners of every room in the house. Doing this was for good luck and positive feelings before we made it our home.

The most part of why I love MY home is because of my family and I’m very lucky to have my grandma living downstairs. My mum my dad my older brother and I all live upstairs. My grandma always comes upstairs for dinner and when I come downstairs she always enjoys spending time with me and the family.

My grandma also has a dog we love her very much. Her name is Bella. She loves playing with her toys. Her favourite toy is a blue dragon with pink spikes and a yellow belly. Shes almost riped the head off. Shes sooooooooooo cute and AMAZING and cuddly and outgoing once you get to know her!

I ALWAYS feel safe at my home.