Grade 6




I hear the children in their homes laughing happily.
They hear the children on the streets crying unwillingly.
I hear the children celebrating their very special day.
They hear the children in the rain.

I see the children sleeping, oh so safely.
They see the children scared.
I see the families eating in their kitchen thankfully.
They see the families begging for food, so naturally.

I smell the lovely flowers in my garden when i’m about to go to school
They smell the nasty smoke as they feel the earth shake.
I smell the baking cookies as I watch the planes go by.
They smell the gas in the air while they’re cold and want to cry.

I feel the joy the families bring.
I feel their pain inside.
I feel the hope.
I also feel the despair.

I hope we all can realize how we lucky we are to be. With a loving family, a happy place to be. A place to feel safe and warm. A place with memories and some to be made. The best place to be HOME.
This is what home means to me.