Grade 5



A home is very important to me. When you go home from a hard day at work or school, you should feel relaxed and cared for. Your family might cook for you or clean the house. Even if you’re alone, you should still feel nourished by the roof over your head. You should also feel safe. If at school or work someone is bullying you or making threats, home is a place where you can let go of all the drama, and be safe and sound. Normally, if someone is having a bad day, they go to their room, or some place in their house. It’s certainly sad that a lot of people don’t have homes. So, that’s why we are working hard like the Habitat for Humanity to find homes for all the families. If you don’t feel like you have a home there should be friends or even family around, or even love and friendship, somewhere. So, if you don’t have a home you will definitely find one. That is what home means to me.