Grade 6

Conception Bay South
Newfoundland and Labrador



Home to me, is a place where me and my family all live under the same roof together. Home is much more than a house or an apartment, home is a feeling you get when you are surrounded by the people you care about. Three things that I think are important to make a home are family, love and safety.

Home to me is a place that you share with your loved ones, whether it’s eating at the dinner table or sitting on the couch watching a movie as long as you’re all together as a family.  Your family are the most important people in your life and no matter where you are in the world, as long as you are with them you will always feel like you are at home.

The second most important thing to feeling at home, is the feeling of  love. No matter where you are  with your family, as long as you feel loved you will always feel at home. One of the places that I told my parents felt like home was the hockey rink. The main reason why it feels like home is because all of my family goes to watch my games and I feel their love and support. So even though it’s not my house, I still feel at home.

The final thing that I believe is an important part of a home is safety. I feel safe when I go to sleep at night because I know I am surrounded by the people who care about me and they will protect me while I sleep. Also, I feel a home will provide a roof over our heads and protect us from any bad weather, keeping me and my family  safe.  Finally, when we are sick or injured, like when my sister had to go to hospital to have her surgery, we all went to visit her. Even though she  was in a strange place, because we were all with her, she felt safe like she was at home.

I believe the meaning of  home can be explained by the feeling a person gets when they are surrounded by the family they love, in a safe environment. Like my Nan Hodder always says “home is where the heart is”.