Grade 4



You should be thankful for any kind of home. Not everybody has a home. Some people aren’t thankful. I think that’s wrong, I’m thankful. A home is a place you feel safe. I feel safe in my room. I feel bad for homeless people. If I see them on the street, I give them some money and hope they will be safe and they will find a home soon.
A home is yours. If you walk into a stranger’s home, sure it’s a home but it’s not yours. A home doesn’t have to be a house it can be an apartment, a truck, a shelter, but you have to care about it.
I like my home because I have family that cares about me and feeds me dinner when I get home from school. I spend about 75% of my life in my house so I treat it with respect, meaning I clean my room, put my books on my shelf and hang up my coat – just little things that make a big difference. I don’t think home is a place, I think it’s more of a feeling. I care about my home, so should you!