Grade 6



The meaning of home is like no other. It can be a place or your family. All that matters is that it feels like home. Your home is where you create & carry traditions. The things that happen at your home can be funny, exciting, sad & more. These things are not bad, but good. They shape us to the people we are today. The stories, love, memories, joyful times, angry times they’re all part of life. We live & thrive in our homes. There is a story that I can tell you, I was 6 maybe 7 any was it was winter and there was a medium size hill & my sister & I played outside for an hour or so. Now all we do is go on the computer or phone & play on that or watch videos. We barley talk to each other. That’s enough of me there’s people that have these things because they don’t have a home. They don’t have a home to hold memories, traditions, feelings but, we can help. We can help them find one, build one. We can donate money to Habitat for Humanity our donations go toward building homes for these people. So help them & donate to the Habitat for Humanity.