Danielle ballado

Grade 5



What does home mean to me?Well,it means that your special in your own way…You have rights to be yourself.Sometimes it’s not perfect,there are ups and downs.just know if you have a roof over your head your very lucky.You wake up in the morning,eat breakfast,and do your daily routines,and go to school.Some people have different lives though.They live on streets and get food out of the trash.People beg for money on streets because they may grow up without opportunity’s.There were a couple times that I saw homeless people begging for money that made me super sad.There are too many people who work there hardest and still can’t find shelter,that’s why we participated in this cause.I feel super bleesed that I live in a super beautiful apartment with my family.Home is we’re you feel loved,unique,cared,special and protected.Dont forget to be your self and not selfish.Because I have a home I know that I’m special,unique,protected,and I’ve been delt the best two people in the world.Good luck to all