Grade 6



I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘‘Home is where the Heart is’’ and that’s true. But actually, that doesn’t quite capture it. It’s more like HOME = LOVE. When you look at HOME, you can see many things, but I see this:

H-Hope. We are able to remember the good things and memories. Memories are important, they help shape us and how we think. Look at Habitat For Humanity, every day they are helping someone who has no house (or home). Doesn’t that make you appreciate your home even more?
O-Ours. We know that this home is ours. We may share with someone else, but it’s still ours. Home is something we cherish. When we cherish something, we LOVE it and it’s close to our hearts. Home is a valuable place to us. It reminds us we have a special place all to OURselves.
M-Motherly. You may be thinking WHAT??? But, think about it. Imagine a mother, would she not be kind? Wouldn’t she make you happy? Now, think about all the things she would have done for you. That in itself, should make you want to Pay It Forward. Do something to help someone out because someone else did the same for you. And that’s exactly what Habitat For Humanity does.
E-Ensuring. Safe. This place, this home. Somehow, no matter where, you feel secure. No harm will come to you. When Habitat For Humanity builds houses, they have family members contribute. This helps the soon to be residents feel more at ease and safe. This also gives them a chance to make it a home and give community hours. You should always feel comfortable in your home.
You may think of home differently, but that’s okay, because HOME should be HOME, just as it is.