Grade 5



Home is a safe place where you can be silly and play all day. Home is not replaceable by a Hotel. Home is the only place I share deep thought + feelings. It is a place which some people don’t have. Were they sometimes live in boxes asking for spare change. When I see that I feel very sad and a little bit curios. If I was born like that how would I survive? My thing is we don’t need big buildings. In the past a tent would be my home. So “a home is a home wherever you go.” and that is what I think. I am happy everyday that I was born with a loving family and a great home. I live in a 4 divider and I don’t have a normal building but I know this. “This is my home and it will always be my home.” and when I go to a hotel I get home sick. When I go to school I have fun but I can’t wait to get back home. I am grateful for my home.:)