Grade 5



A home is a place where you live, love and learns from your mistakes.
It is where you forgive. Laugh, play, and throw away the hate. It is where you eat that wonderful turkey dinner with your family. You laugh together and spend the holidays singing and opening gifts Home is where you celebrate.
Let your feelings out whether you cry sad tears happy tears your home will give you comfort inside and out. At your home, we can see your true colors come threw
It will see you. Every home is a home is a home they just appear different in sight but a home comes with a price it is not just money that you need to have a home. If it is not right for you, it will not help your true colours shine through because it will not see you as you are. Do not forget your home was there for you. So never, close your door. Your home was and is there for you so be grateful for it.