Grade 4



Home is where you stay and play
it’s where your family comes to stay
It’s always a place you can find your family.
And sometimes friends.
It does not matter how BIG or small your home is, what matters is that it’s your home!

Home is where you make memories.
Like at your 9th birthday party when you got lots of toys. Or when you moved in to your new home and got 2 kittens as a welcome home gift. Or when I went to McDonalds on halloween and said trick or treat and got a free cookie.

Your home is where you find peace not war.
It’s where you find love and happiness
sometimes even craziness.
And you might find some funnyness in your home too.

But some people don’t have a home to grow
It’s sad I know.
I wish that everyone can have the same thing as me.
I wonder how it can be lets wait and see.

If everyone had a home no one would be homeless
Or helpless.

Your home is not a place or building, it’s your family.
And family is your home.
As long as you have family, you’re at your home!