Grade 4



Home is a great place. You grow up at home, you play with your friends at home, you read stories at home, you make new memories at home, you meet your new neighbours at home.

Home makes you feel warm, happy and safe. But some people in the world don’t feel that way. They don’t feel safe or warm or happy. The poor and homeless need a home everyone needs a home, then everyone will be happy and safe, not having to worry at all.

And don’t forget a home is not any building, it’s the most important building ever. It’s love it’s self, it’s where the heart is, and it’s protection from crooks, hurricanes, storms, floods, tornadoes, tsunamis and fires.

Because home is a good thing in life to have, you should be grateful for one. You live there with your family, you play at home, you stay at home, you sleep with your stuffy at home, you watch TV and news at home, you draw star wars at home.

But sometimes at home when you’re on the sidewalk then you see a sale sign. You move and you think you’ll never see your house again. But no, that’s not going to happen, you’re just moving to a new house to make new memories, new songs, new jokes, new laughs, a new home.

Soon you’ll like your new house. Soon you’ll be more happy, smelling the new warm fresh air, and feel safe in your new house. Same with your family, and you will always feel grateful about your home.