Grade 4



This is my home it does not matter what size it’s still a home and it doesn’t matter what’s in my home
I still have a family in my home. The fun in my home is as important as my food and water.
My home is where I love my family and they love me.
I have family in different homes like my grandpa and grandma’s home and my cousin’s home.

It’s my home that shelters me from lighting and rain.
It’s where I get hurt and heal. It’s where I keep all my things. My home is where my mom makes me delicious meals.
And it’s where my family plays football with me

It brings me memories of my 9th birthday and when my brother punched himself in the face, and everyone laughed, even him. I do not care what good memories they are, as long as I have memories like when I got to stay up till midnight to watch a movie, or bring in the New Year in my home. I have a home, an amazing home and I wish everyone could
have a home like mine.