Grade 5



What home means to me is,I can’t be judged and am loved and I have trust. I have a family to talk to and to cry my eyes out in front of and I am not embarrassed. I am safe and I am comforted. I have a lot of hope in my home because my step dad was moved to Bosnia for almost 4 years and I think he is coming home . I have a roof over my head. I have food in my fridge and I have water when I’m thirsty. When my family or friends come over we always have respect for one another. What love means in my home is that love can’t die. Home is nothing without a family. I have a home that warms my heart when people are there and when we are happy. It warms my heart that we can solve our problems. A home is there when you are in it and it’s filled with wonderful stuff that you can’t see but you can feel. What you can make will never die. It will always stay with you. What home means is a piece of your home will always go with you wherever you go. My home is unbelievable, and I will forever have the memories of being at home.