Grade 5



Home is where you’re included, loved & cared for by your family. Home is where you can speak your language and speak your mind.You can celebrate your culture & celebrate your beliefs. Home is where you can laugh, cry, comfort each other, share happiness & even sometimes craziness. It is where you have faith in yourself and your family trusts you in what you do. Home is just not a place to live it’s where you have laughter & craziness with your family, and family friends. Home is where you can have lots of parties and lots of games. Home is where you have privacy & your own space. It is where you are safe, you have freedom, good food, you are secure, free to spend time with family, you have shelter & share your feelings with your family. It’s the place where I can go to, it is my beginning and end point. My home inspires me to keep moving on and pushing myself to reach the goals in my life.