Grade 5

British Columbia


My home is a place where I share memories with my family
and friends. I feel safe in my home. It is where I spend every
holiday and birthday. When it’s cold I stay in my home. Its where I learned to walk and talk. Some people
don’t have a home or a place to spend their night
with their family.
Like I said some people don’t have a home. if I had one
wish it would be that I could bring every individual and
family a home. I feel really bad that not every person has a home.
I feel thankful to my parents to be able to provide
me and my sister and my dog a wonderful place to
call home. I also thank habit for humanity for helping
provide homes for homeless.
Because some people can’t afford a home. I am curia’s
how habitats for humanity provide homes for the homeless. I thank the individuals
like the builders and the planers for the new home to be given to
a family in need .
By: Dakota