Grade 6

New Brunswick



Home is not just a place where you play your video games or do your homework. Home is a
place where you cherish your traditions and family. Home is where you love and forget about
all the bad things going on in the outside world. Home is where you hold your memories close
and be thankful for your safety. When you let someone into your home you know it will still be
a safe place. When you go home, you don’t think about playing your Xbox One, you think: “time
to go home where I am safe and happy with my family”. Home is love, life, traditions and most
important, your family is there. When you’re at home you know there’s always hope for the
future. Whether you go day or night, you know there will be enough time for anything.
Everything about your home is secure. When you go home, it’s not to use your material
belongings, it’s to cherish your non-tangible things. Home is very important and everyone should have one.