Grade 6

New Brunswick


Home isn’t just a plain old house to me. It’s somewhere I can feel calm and happy after a day at school or an insane dance practice.

My home is a place I feel content and relaxed at. If you think a home is just a building made out of wood, where your laptop, phone and Xbox are, I’m sorry, but you are highly mistaken. You can always buy yourself a laptop and any other device, but you can’t buy yourself a loving family. Home is a place you can unwind, and forget the rough parts of your day.

My household is a place I feel accepted and cared for. Some children don’t get this, and I am very lucky to have it. Even if I move houses, I’ll still be able to have a home, just not the exact same house. I’d still be able to make a home out of that new house, and plenty others to come.

So when you think about the quote, home is where the heart is, it’s true. Home really is where the heart is no matter where you live.