Grade 4

Comox BC
British Columbia


The meaning of home
Home is like no other place.
Home is everything to me and my family.
When I see people with out a home I feel very sad.
Home is where you can make great memories.
Home is a place where I can feel happy.
Home is where I can be my self.
I love to be at home.
When I think of home I think of a warm loving place that is safe.
There is almost no time when I feel scared at home.
Home is where you take your first step and your first word.
When I’m at home I feel happy.
Home is a place where I can express my feelings.
Some times it is hard to leave my home.
I’m very lucky to have a home.
So many people do not know how lucky they are to have a home.
Home is one of the most amazing places you can be at.
Home is a place where I can come home from school and just relax.
Home is a place where I can have fun wit h my friends and family.
I wish that everyone could have a home like me and my family.