Grade 6

Portugal Cove, St. Philips, NL
Newfoundland and Labrador



Home for me is when I get home from with my brother and I watch YouTube. When mom or dad makes dinner and it looks really delicious. And, after supper, dad helps me with homework, then we just have fun. I think that’s awesome!

Home is when it’s snowing out and mom makes us some hot chocolate with whip cream and marshmallows. It just makes you so happy and you know you are safe. Or when dad goes to get us flavored slushies because we are really warm.

Home is when your family comes home from far away just to see you! When you stay up late and laugh so much that you must go to the washroom!

Home is when you come home from work or school and your home makes you feel loved and happy (despite when your pet jumps up on you). You just feel good all over because you know you have a home.

Home is the heart and soul of your family. I am so lucky to have a comfortable, loving home and my heart aches for those who aren’t as privileged as me.