Grade 5

Newfoundland and Labrador


One out of every seven Canadians don’t have safe, decent, affordable houses that they can call home. If you want to know what a true home is, read this to find out.

Home is a place where you can feel safe and secure, where your family and pets are, (I have four dogs). Home is where you can lie down and be comfortable * with your pets *, where you have all those good memories like when you were born or when my dogs knocked me over and almost pushed me down the stairs. Home is where you can have people care for you when you’re sick, where your true family is. Where you can hear laughter throughout the whole house. Where you decorate for special occasions like Halloween, Christmas or Easter, you may have lots and lots of traditions.

Home is where you can feel loved and cared for, where your family has something unique about themselves, I’m the flexible one in the family. Where family gathers and you get to see them all the time. I get to see my sister and her girlfriend and my nephew all the time.

Home is where your pets are always with you, from car rides to walks to biking. They are always there with you even when you sleep, like my dogs are.

Home means all of these things to me! What does home mean to you?