Grade 5



A home is a wonderful place. It helps you learn, and play and, best thing of all, you make great memories. People might think it’s just a house with some beams, walls, roof and floor but no you can make it your home sweet home. A home is full of love and hope. A place where you can share your feelings that you kept inside you all day. You can call it home Sweet Home. A home is where heart is. Wherever you live your house helps you to be yourself because without it you wouldn’t be able to have fun parties or have arguments with your siblings.
From when you were just a baby till now you love your home. It has been there for you through good times and bad but no matter what. It’s there for you. Home, it’s there for you from the morning to night where you sleep peacefully in your home, better than anywhere else you stay warm not cold and have a warm comfy bed that you can’t find anywhere else. When I’m at my Dad’s house my dog, Pepper, curls up by my feet and he licks my feet. It’s simple a place where you can be you. That’s where you leave your feelings behind.
Your room is in a house. A house is a home for you and it’s meant for you.