Grade 5



Home is a place where I can feel safe and happy. I can express my feelings and have fun. I can share that fun with my friends, it makes them feel welcome. Home helps me create great memories that will last a lifetime. A home is a place to relax and be at a good temperature. I can sleep safely and dream happily. Home is a place to have fun and adventure.
Home is also a place for not only you to make memories but others too like family and friends. A Home is where it lets you play the games and finish the games cause in your home you have all the time you need. Home is where its also okay to make mistakes because you’ll learn from those mistakes.
A home is where I can feel accepted. A home is a place where I can cry because of sadness and happiness. A home welcomes you back from a long trip somewhere. Home is a place with loving and caring parents.
A home is all that to me. I wish that everyone is that lucky.